Making a Profound Impact on Communities

L.I.V.E. People Everyday, Inc. is deeply committed to empowering organizations to create a lasting impact on youth, families, and communities. Our consulting services and coaching programs encompass various areas to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Client-Centric Program Development

We take great pride in offering client-centric services and leadership coaching. Our team collaborates closely with our clients to implement program models aligned with best practices and necessary requirements. We guide organizations through the complex landscape of NYC Department of Health regulations and licensing, ensuring they are fully prepared for success.

Empowering Education for All

Our expertise extends to developing systems that facilitate education for individuals with disabilities. We understand that each individual's needs are unique and are dedicated to creating inclusive educational environments that empower individuals of all abilities.

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Strategic Project Management

We excel in spearheading key projects, identifying business development opportunities, boosting sales, and securing grants to meet long-term goals. Our strategic project management approach ensures that organizations are well-positioned to achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively.

Leadership, Communication, and Coaching

Our Founder and CEO, along with our dedicated team, are adept communicators, coaches, and advisors. We actively engage with all stakeholders to develop strategies and roadmaps aligned with organizational objectives and modern-day demands. We are committed to creating a culture of leadership and communication excellence.

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Turning Your Vision Into Reality

At L.I.V.E. People Everyday, Inc., we embody values rooted in empathy, expertise, and an unwavering passion for driving positive change. We are here to partner with you on your journey to make a difference, and look forward to working with you to create a brighter future for youth, families, and communities. Together, we can transform potential into progress and vision into reality.

Our Approach

Our approach to making a positive impact on youth, families,
and communities is driven by a unique blend of passion, empathy,
and experience. Here's how we work:

Youth-Centric Advocacy

We are dedicated youth advocates with a profound passion for making a difference, especially in the lives of youth with special needs. Our empathetic approach is at the heart of everything we do, and our deep understanding of their unique challenges fuels our commitment to creating inclusive and empowering programs.

Wide-Ranging Expertise

Our extensive experience in the field has allowed us to oversee a diverse array of programs, including those tailored to teenagers, individuals with special needs, and after-school programs. This breadth of experience equips us with a well-rounded perspective and a versatile skill set that we bring to every engagement.

Community Connection

Our strength lies in staying connected to the communities we serve. Deep-rooted relationships within these communities enable us to be at the forefront of identifying key partnerships, resources, and tools. We actively foster these connections in our work, understanding the importance of community engagement in driving change.

Identifying Opportunities

We have a keen eye for identifying opportunities that can benefit our clients and the communities they serve. Whether it's finding the right partners, securing essential resources, or utilizing the latest tools and technologies, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have access to everything they need to thrive.

Customized Solutions

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in the youth development field. Every community, organization, and individual has unique needs and aspirations. Our approach is highly customizable, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to the specific goals and challenges of our clients.

Empowering Change

At the core of our work is the belief that positive change is achievable when guided by a strong, empathetic vision. We are committed to empowering our clients to drive change that leads to brighter futures for youth, families, and communities. We are passionate advocates for youth, and our approach is fueled by a dedication to empathy, experience, and the belief that, together, we can create lasting change.